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The unconventional marketing and social media marketing as a new communication challenge began to be adopted and practiced by many companies that...

Given the significant investments already planned to equip its factories of photovoltaic systems...

We work to provide clean energy to your world whether it be a house, a public exercise, a public enterprise or a firm

Energ-etica is a company specialized in the alternative energy filed with its own technical know how and expertise.

Over the years has increased its reputation for having acquired specific skills and specialization in the energy production from renewable sources.
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We guarantee a result of each plant planned protected from operational or management unforeseen. Our installed, only for the year 2011, is more than 4 MW. Energ-etica is a company specialized in medium and large PV plants able to assist the customer with special care in all project stages such as design, installation and connection of the system. Discover all the advantages of Energ-etica Partner Program and cooperate with us.

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