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Energ-etica: the PV!
We work to provide clean energy to your world whether it be a house, a public exercise, a public enterprise or a firm

We are a specialized company in the field of alternative energy with our internal and full technical skills and expertise. Over the years Energ-etica has increased its reputation having acquired specific capacity and specialization in the energy production from renewable sources, namely PV plants.

Energ-etica is located in Piedmont but is operating successfully throughout northern and central Italy. The excellent results achieved in terms of quality and output of the plants, occurred since the early stage of the projects, thanks to the long experience of design, to the constant search and selection of best materials, to the careful optimization of manufacturing costs and installation, are always focused on the specific needs of the customer.

That is the reason why Energ-etica is structured to follow and support the customer during all phases, from the bureaucratic procedures to design and from the construction to the final connection, coordinating each step, ensuring the programmed results, protecting the customer from all operational or management inconvenience.

We design, manufacture and install photovoltaic systems according to the latest “State of the Art”, for companies and private houses.


How we work
Energ-etica, the best choice.

Energ-etica was created to provide a professional response to a constantly evolving field such as alternative energy ethically developable, ensuring respect and protection of the environment.
A team of qualified professionals share experience and technical skills, considering each and all result achieved, as a service for companies or individuals who want to equip themselves with photovoltaic systems.

Design and install a photovoltaic system requires deep specific knowledge and skills; in Energ-etica, in fact, nothing is neglected. Whatsoever will be the capacity of the plant, the project and its realization are always strictly custom-made.
Control, testing and all fundamental aspects for photovoltaic performance such as shadows analysis, ventilation and system losses are carefully analyzed for each plant since the early planning stage by our specialized technicians. The Energ-etica mission is offer to society and to the world cost saving energy, exclusively originated by renewable and ethical sources.

Why Energ-etica

Being a company specialized in medium and large PV plants, Energ-etica has special ability and capacity to assist the customer in all phases, starting from the bureaucratic procedures, design and installation, to connection of the plant and to grid distribution .
Moreover, being experts in the connection with the distribution network in medium voltage, our support and assistance to the customer is a real suitable solution for this aspect that represent one of the most critical issue for a large number of companies operating in this sector.
Energ-etica has many years of experience and a wide range of active references and case histories to testify its work. In these years we have successfully built hundreds of units for a few kWp to Mwp, exceeding expectations. The full satisfaction of our customers is the primary goal we have in each realization.

• In contrast to many companies operating in Italy not ever save on materials and make our systems always at maximum.
PV modules and inverters used are chosen through continual and accurate market research. The supply of photovoltaic modules are periodically checked and tested both at our company or at accredited laboratories. We visit and constantly monitor the production sites of the brands that we carry, including those in the far East, in order to guarantee the customer the maximum reliability of every component that we treat.

• We only install "efficient" systems.
All components have been selected for our installations, electrical cabling structures, construction materials are of the highest quality products and guaranteed by leading national and international companies.The cable routes are sized in order not to lose more than 1% of energy and all the components are sized, calculated and installed to produce the maximum efficiency and minimize losses. The photovoltaic panels are installed by pairing those with more similar current/voltage values so as to minimize "mismatching" effect. This way to operate allows to extract every single Wh possible from our realizations, far beyond the common purpose of building plant that just "works". All of our installations are designed to last over two decades, our design and methodological choices allows us to ensure all that benefits to our clients.

• The comparison between values and price of our installations is always open to each verifications.
Thanks to our business strategies and our world wide experience in buying large volume of materials from manufacturers, we are able to provide high quality systems at more competitive prices.

• Energ-etica is composed by technicians and not by sales men.
Our employees, both technical and commercial office, are engineers or specialized experts with specific knowledge and skills. People not enough qualified as could be sales agents with a basic approach to PV knowledge as baggage of training are not part of our active team.

• Sell in any case is never been our priority neither a must.
Many competitors in order to sell are more and more willing to make compromises by sacrificing production quality, saving money in buying materials and decrease quality control on each step of the execution processes. Energ-etica has full awareness of what proposes and, for business choice, avoid any activity that is not aimed at creating real value for the customer, in order to address him to the best choice and result.

• The Engineering Department is an internal body within the company.
All facilities we provide are designed and projected directly by us, no design detail or administrative course is delegated to external companies. This ensures execution speed, the minimization of any design errors, the constant maintenance of our uncompromising quality standards also by rejecting any external supplier impositions. Our technical department deals with different relations to bodies such as electrical managers, GSE, national administrative agencies etc., directly following the performance of all administrative papers and law permissions, optimizing the informations flow with execution speed guaranteed.

• Our team is specialised in medium voltage installations.
Create and connect large plants on medium voltage lines are usually a critical operation for many companies operating in the PV sector but, having now gained considerable experience about this type of installations, we are able to set and connect them with really amazing timing ensuring the completion of bureaucratic process (especially in cases involving bondage, municipal, provincial practices, etc.) in the shorter time possible.

• Energ-etica has experienced the real "risk free" turnkey formula, without additional costs or problems for the customer.
We provide a complete service including every aspect of design, projecting, manufacturing, installing and completing bureaucratic procedures to system installation and connection, with working efficiency guarantee, saving the customer to deal with anything and, more important, without any kind of surprise.

• Our post-installation service follows the client even after the implementation of the system.
Energ-etica provides administrative assistance (for large installations), ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, supervision, control and verification of system work performance. We have invested thousands of dollars in special equipment to perform non-invasive tests without expensive system stop for the customers. The complex technological and diagnostic equipment at our disposal allows us to make electrical safety test, testing the system overall performance, verifying the individual modules and strings performance, the analysis of "characteristic curves" voltage/current, testing strings insulation under tension (fundamental test that verifies any malfunctions and insulation defects, even during the day when the system is working, avoiding expensive downtime and minimizing dead time), the thermal chamber high definition test to check the conversion/transformation components temperature and identify possible and dangerous hot-spot phenomena on photovoltaic modules. We also offer photovoltaic modules cleaning services with reverse osmosis water, to guarantee the system maximum efficiency without damaging panels with detergents or calcareous water.

Ethics Mission

The social and economic crisis that hit the international society, has affected and pushes the search of a new development paradigm and production of energy, that must be considered as a priority in the environment protection; A "mission" for all the world Citizens, Companies, Agencies and service Providers that would target not only profit, but the all civilized society progress, as unique and indivisible. The environmental issue is not only a technical problem, but at first it is mankind concern for all those who look for the safety and evolution of the future generations.

The challenges, therefore, can and must be won by a vigorous process of detailed information and education programs, and a strong commitment to ethics that sets forth the “habitat”? as a key point of the relationship with our human life. The mission of Energ-etica is to offer to the society and the world the energy with cost savings , exclusively originated by renewable and ethical energy sources.

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