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Investing in PV

The offered incentives are set according to the plant power, the type of building and in relation to the type of installation of PV plant itself. Energ-etica is fully capable to suggest the best and most profitable option advice for all our customers.
A good PV plant make the user completely autonomous from purchasing electric power for about 30/35 years (average life of a system) avoiding price increases on electricity bills or power cut-off.
At the end of 20 years of the “Incentive system” offered by the Italian government, the customer can continue to use electricity power produced by the PV system throughout its life.

For Enterprise

Concerning private or public companies, PV plants are representing a great opportunity of profitable investment, under all points of view:

1) increase of the corporate income
2) allows to take advantage of the unused surfaces, such as roofs, parking lots, etc.
3) is an asset whose purchasing costs are tax deductible
4) is an ethical choice that shows and amplifies the corporate environment attention and responsibility, improving the external company perception
5) thanks to the incentive program, the system is entirely financeable and the installations are balanced by the income produced from the plant itself.
In addition to the incentives provided by the incentive program, an additional revenue generated from the “on-site consumption” or electricity sale according to the kind of production agreement chosen, shall be calculated.

This is undoubtedly a high profitable investment, constantly extended over the 20 year life of the agreement.

For Individuals (non corporate)

The installation of a PV plant (only roof plants allowed) generates a double economical advantage :
- Important saving on the electricity bill
- Enjoying the incentive from "Conto Energia" incentive program for a period of 20 years, paid by the GSE (Gestione Servizi Energetici), for all the electricity power produced by the PV plant. It is important to remark that all incentives paid by GSE to the owner of the PV system and the electricity bills saving, are tax free.

Further advantages and incentives to invest now

• In the first half of 2012 , thanks to the excellent balance between the incentives established by the current incentive program and PV plants costs, the investment is offering high profit either on the short or long terms;
• A photovoltaic system is cost-effective even when fully financed by banks;
• By choosing material and components from EEC, the incentives enjoy of an additional amount of 10% (value of the incentives). Furthermore, in order to reduce the energetic consumption by combining the asbestos roof plates replacement, or improving the building structure and/or insulation, additional incentives, up to 30% more, are granted.

Type of PV Installations

What is a Solar System?

Photovoltaic (PV) plants are able to convert the “sun-light” (solar radiation) into electric power. Normally there are two different types of PV plants : The STAND-ALONE, are mainly employed for isolated areas that are not served by the power lines, such as mountain huts, e.i.; and GRID-CONNECT plants, connected to the national electricity grid according the incentive program “Conto Energia” of GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) .

It is possible to install these systems on houses or buildings roofs, roofs of industrial buildings, built or build sheds, shelters etc.. The most performing plants shall be exposed to the South and possibly in shading absence. Each KW installed requires an area of ​​about 8 -10 m2. PV is now a long term experimented technology, that is performing around the world since over 40 years.

How It Works

Solar panels are made up of light-sensitive cells, mainly composed of silicon. When the sun-light atoms (photons) strike the silicon atoms, the sun rays are converted into electricity.

The electricity is conveyed in a power supply where is stabilized (maintained at the required Volt) and addressed to a single house, to a building, to a factories or injected directly into the Power Distribution Grid, according to the type of contract established with GSE.

Solar Modules, Inverters and different kind of plants

The solar modules are subdivided into 3 basic categories: Polycrystalline, typically positioned on fixed structures and used in case of direct or indirect irradiation; Monocrystalline, the ideal for direct radiation; Amorphous silicon, suitable for direct exposures and diffused light (cloudiness).

The inverters are the devices able to convey the energy produced by photovoltaic modules. The Inverters are usually chosen according to the type of system technology and performance needs, for example in small installations are used inverters without transformers in order to maximize their performance.

Photovoltaic systems can be "innovative integrated", currently more incentive and composed by modules positioned in line with the roof cover, resulting in better visual impact; "partially integrated", anchored above the cover with the advantage of facilitating individual modules performance through the cooling effect produced by underlying cavity; "On the ground", which is installed on the ground with proper orientation and containment structures.

When the installation is completed, the photovoltaic system can operate in two modes: "on-site transfer", able to enter the energy produced in the network and allow electricity restoration, for example in case of a private house; or "on energy sale" which is generally an adopted mode for industrial purposes where the system, specifically designed for the surface at disposal and according with economic investment, provides to the network the entire energy production.

Pre and post implementation services


regardless of the dimension of our plant, design is always and strictly customized avoiding any kind of "photo copy project".
Any solution is referred to its specific case and made suitable for the site that will host the plant and to the committed needs.

Before each installation we examine the site, the shade and any critical issues in order to establish the electrical energy production that the plant will has to have; the very special attention we dedicate to this analysis and preventive check phase, is a guarantee for our customers that each plant installed complies with expected production.

The skills and experience of Energ-etica technical staff are such good that our diagnostic services are also required for the optimization of installations made by others, that have a non-conforming performance as set in the contractual phase.We also consider a benefit offering a wide selection of products that, unlike others, we don't sell as such but select with the only aim of developing and delivering the more competitive and responsive solutions to customer needs.


We are aware that a photovoltaic system began his life only when installation is completed, the customer relationship continues especially after closing the shipyard. Our post-installation services have the objective of maintaining PV installation high performance monitoring its efficiency. This is made possible through the remote supervision with specific diagnostic equipment, installed on the PV system for daily verification of each parameter such as monitoring production/performance, identifying any anomalies, detecting every malfunction and solving it in a timely manner while minimizing production loss risks.

Energ-etica has a particular full allocation, all tests are, in fact, performed with specific instrumentation. In addition remote controls operate directly on the installation site through a series of planned tests as measuring the performance of every single inverter, performing tests on all interface and control devices, measuring the temperature of electrical components, checking the connections, the mounting structures mechanics and producing test reports.

In full transparency and diagnostics visibility we provide our clients with direct access to web portals and providing periodic activities reports including system performance. In addition to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, we provide 24 hours 365 days per year equipment assistance in case of fault repair and production restore. Our parts inventory is constantly updated with all necessary spare parts.

Other post-installation fundamentals services are osmotic water cleaning for solar panels maintenance and administrative support services for large installations about incentives and GSE administrative papers request.

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