Invest in Energ-etica East Europe Photovoltaic Projects
  • exclusive conditions
  • capital guarantee
  • certified projects
  • immediate profits
  • annual income of more than 15% of the initial investment
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Energ-etica is active since 2012 in Eastern Europe through its branch Energ-etica East Europe and, after deep and detailed analysis of the evolution of the green energy market in this area, propose to investors large PV parks in Romania with the "turnkey" formula.

All our proposed projects are exclusive property of Energ-etica - no intermediation - which carefully supervise each of them by certifying every legal, regulatory and technical aspect, to ensure the final customer the maximum guarantee on its invested capital by having an annual income of more than 15% of the initial investment.

All PV plants of Energ-etica are “ALL INCLUDING”; Approved project costs, Bureaucratic procedures, Professional costs, Construction and Connection of the plant to the distribution grid, Site fencing, Alarm CCTV circuit, etc. ; nothing excluded and no "surprises"


The effect that the crisis is having on the finance world of major Western economies can be resumed in one single word: uncertainty.
The general empasse is powered by symple factors, such as national and European stock market movements characterized by oscillations basically showing a negative sign , or the drop of value in some sectors always considered among the safest by the investors, such as the real estate market..

The policies adopted in Romania in the last years, to stimulate the production of energy coming from renewable sources, have created a thriving? market in constant development, considered by international financial advisor, one of the of the most interesting subjects for all those in search of investments to be safe and profitable.

It is to underline that in this market 95% of the available authorizations offered by professional and/or mediators on the spot, shows "vices" and problems, such as not to be deemed suitable to obtain building permits and/or authorization to the Grid Connection, and/or the financial viability of the project by the banks.

On the reverse, all projects undertaken and proposed by Energ-etica rigorously meet and combine with all necessary authorization and requirement, in strict observance of the Romanian laws.


Relying on Energ-etica the customer will have the absolute guarantee of acquiring projects free from risks and uncertainties due to several technical safeguards verification and processes of "due diligence" strictly carried out on each and all the phases of the procedures for permits , authorization , concession etc.., by our technicians and employees. An additional guarantee for the investors is represented by the highly reputated international lawyer office and accountants , who follow and represent Energ-etica East Europe in all its activities and that, upon request and at any time, can produce the references needed.

These professional offices have been instructed to handle and to ensure the process of "due diligence" on behalf of ethics Energ-etica East Europe, about every single document or authorization that the same Energ-etica will need or get on their projects.That’s the reason why our company can guarantee all customers 100% of the final value of the project purchased, free from any vice and defective performance.

All the phases of construction of each plant are set in respect of methods and programming specifications long experimented, so as to avoid any significant problem at the origin, and to minimize the unexpected issues during the entire duration of the construction site. Before the implementation of each system, the perimeter of the PV field will be fenced and equipped with CCTV system and alarm.

Energ-Etica is also providing all services or O&MS (operation and maintenance service) to all the PV field constructed, life-time, to ensure the efficiency and the return on investment for the duration of incentive and over. Although rarely occurring, our maintenance service will intervene on any faults within maximum guaranteed time, so as to minimize any reduction or loss of the production.

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