Energ-etica is dealer or reseller of the following brands for photovoltaic modules:

photovoltaic module with the highest efficiency in the world. Synonymous with top quality and top performance
polycrystalline form of Italian production with excellent production quality characteristics (electrical and mechanical) and with a good quality/price ratio.
monocrystalline and polycrystalline Slovenian production result in the top 3 world's modules as energy production, according to the magazine Photon (major technical industry magazine).
thin film module in telloruro of cadmium. Excellent solution to cover large surfaces because it has a great rate and energy production, having regard to the characteristics of the technology, is always very high.
module manufacturer in Asia. It was chosen by our company following the high build quality that is able to guarantee and the high degree of reliability of the final product.


American company that manufactures in Italy. And the second world producer of inverters and is the best-selling brand in our nation. Ensures high performance and modularity/flexibility, especially for centralized inverters, which few or no one else can provide.
is the world's largest manufacturer of inverters. Leader in the production of inverters with transformer.
Italian brand in great growth that produces only centralized inverter for large installations. Ensures high conversion efficiency.


is the most comprehensive and modern monitoring system for photovoltaic systems, can be mounted on different brands of inverter 58 including all major manufacturers. Provides all the parameters of the system, including the economic yield, and controls the production with maximum simplicity for the end customer.


all photovoltaic modules stand structures are designed and mounted by us. Energ-etica structures are the result of many years experience and constant development for durability and ease of installation.


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